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Well, some interesting and odd links!  My sites usually get a lot of links in different disciplines, so after a while I'll
split various types to differing pages.                                                (last rev: Aug 10 2019)


USS Zuni (ATF95) / USCGC Tamaroa (WMEC166): a historic ship, the cutter from "The Perfect Storm" finally sent to her watery
end by the stupidity and lack of compassion of YOUR United Stated Coast Guard. Don't ask.

USS NICHOLAS:  story of her ship's bell!!  (Special interest to the USMC!)


Hesson-Clothiers  Supplying period costumes and uniforms/accessories for Civil War Naval re-enactors.  VERY nice stuff!


All things for the Wooden Boat enthusiast:  
Wooden Boat Magazine  and the  Wooden Boat Forum


An all-around wonderful site of pictures and tutorials from André van der Saalm!  ( Thank you, Konstantin!!)

The International Guild Of Knottyers  (IGKT)
North American Branch....   Main Headquarters (England)

The Knottyer's Forum on Yahoo! Groups

Supplies, Books and Instruction videos:
 Marty COMBS  

More fine rope, small blind-cord, hemp, books and tools:  R&W Rope Warehouse in New Bedford, MA.  (Ask for RAY)

Extra-fine Professional knotwork; beckets and bellropes especially, supplies and tools:  Tim WHITTEN  

Matt Beaudoin carries on his Grandfather's tradition of fine ropework. Ask him about his Uncle Jim's jewelry, too!

The National Maritime Museum of England:
Sailor's Crafts pages.  Scroll down to find links to the various displays.


SHIP Models and other nautical stuff: theshipinabottle, Jim McCurdy's site.

Ship models:
 Sailing Models (ships in bottles, or lightbulbs, even!)


Free Irish Music (really!)  at  The Old Music Project   


Pat & Dick Wexelblat:  Tigerlilly Workshops


International "Talk Like A Pirate Day" website.  Damage to your psyche not covered.

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