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If you've been here before, don't freak out!   Things got a little "messy" trying to
figure out what was where, so a re-design became imperative to keep things
shipshape and Bristol fashion.
                                                        (it didn't work!)

There are a bunch of new divisions, but all the stuff previously shewn is still there...
Just moved around a bit.

For those of you who are just generally interested in this stuff or are just surfing....
Jump right in with the first section... All section pages will connect to each other,
so it innit like you've gotta go look at summat and then come back to go
somewhere else...  (I hate that with some sites!) just look for the links and keep on

If you have some fancy work you did yourself or which you
own and would like to
have it exhibited here,  send me
an email and I'll give you the particulars for
submitting it to me.  Hi-res pics are preferred (now, THAT'S refreshing, innit?) as
they have more detail available for viewing.  I'll photoshop unmercifully as required.

A couple of youse lovely folks have even made up and sent in
tutorials on some of
your more interesting knotworks.... If YOU'D care to contribute,  please feel free!  
Use the email link in the paragraph above.

Of course,  this all has an ulterior motive:  to try to get more people interested in
and doing nautical-type fancy ropework themselves as well as flogging my
products on the main pages.   In order to get (1) accomplished,  allow me to
introduce you to the International Guild of Knot Tyers.  A lunatic bunch (aka "
Brotherhood Of The Sore Fingers
") devoted to keeping knotting and ropework alive
into the 21st century and beyond.  Unlike many semi-professional hobbyist groups,  
the IGKT is completely and truly egalitarian.  I've yet to find an abrasive ego in the
lot of 'em.  

UK (Mother Chapter) Branch       
No. American (East Coast) Branch      
Pacific Americas Branch  
Arts.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction or use
prohibited without prior written permission.