(WPB 87359)
Newport RI
Last updated  2010-03-29
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BM1 Eric Silvoy sends some pictures of some fancywork he did for the TIGER SHARK, an 87'
Patrol Boat based in Newport RI.
A Coast Guard crest made of shot-line
which is on the bridge of the TIGER SHARK.
A "pudding" or covering for a stanchion (post)
on the bridge of the TIGER SHARK.  Such
coverings are traditional and also give an
improved grip in rough seas as well as
providing a bit of padding for sudden
A knotboard with a paintbrush (an all-too-familiar tool for a sailor!), a
Boatswain's Call (
Bosun's whistle for youse civilians) and a rigging

Mostly of orange shot-line with a hemp marline mat in the centre.
Proof that the arts of
marlinspike seamanship
live on in the
U. S. Coast Guard!

Thanks, Boats!

Incidentally, you may notice the "Pell" or
"Jamestown" bridge in the background of the
ship's crest... when I was in Newport that was still
being built and it was a thirty-minute ferry ride to
get across that nasty little bit of water!