A 12-point Star Knot
brooch or pendant
Don Wright
Benton City, WA
Last updated  2007-12-08
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Note that Don is another knotter who "reverses"
his pattern making a "mirrored" image.
12 Point Star Broach by Don Wright

I tied my 12 srtrings together and melted them together for the start of the12 point
star. I started forming the loops on the bottom side with the melted end inside of the
star knot instead of normally starting with the joint of the 12 stands on the bottom of
the star when completed. Be careful to adjust the loops around the center of the
gathering joint evenly.

Top the loops with a simple crown knot: NOTE the direction of the crown in
relation to the initial loops!  If you go the wrong way, you've just mucked the whole
thing up.

Star knot shown here with all but the last loop in place. Each strand goes CCW and
under itself and down through next CCW ear loop, parallel to strand from center of
ear loop.  (
Note that Don uses a "threading needle... these are obtainable from
MARTY COMBS' SITE or you can "dope" the ends of your line with Cyanocrylate glue
and clip the glued tip of the line off at a 45 degree angle for the same effect

Last strand being completed as described.

Backside showing path of strand down through knot to front side, again parallel to
the strand on the right side.

Carefully select each strand and pass it down through the ear loop on the
left side
of the ear that it comes from the back under. Once again parallel to the strand on
the right side. You should now have 3 strands going through each ear loop. The 3
strand overlap will not be uniform if the wrong leads are not correctly used to go
back down the ear loops. This can and will happen if you don’t watch it carefuly.

Last time through the knot from back to front. Parallel with the strand on right side

This completes the star knot. Now we are ready to start the crown sennit portion.
Arrange strand in order around center of star and do 1 simple crown sennit.

Crown sennit formed in a CCW direction

First Crown completed

Now do a complex (over 2) crown sennit

Tighten the complex crown just outside of the lower sennit evenly spaced around it.

Complete second complex sennit just on the outside of 2nd sennit and tighten

Now I tuck all strands down through the ear loop to the right (CW) of the one the
strand comes out of the sennit next to.

Pull all strands tight and cut flush with bottom of ear loop. Seal end with a drop of

Here the choice is yours as to the fixture you put on the backside for a closure. You
can use a pin bar or a jump ring and use it for a pendant necklace if desired

Place a colored marble or gemstone of choice for decoration or leave empty.
Choices of color and cord is what ever you prefer.

Completed  Broach or Pendant

If you have any questions for me, please  contact the
WEBMASTER and he will
forward them to me.

PLEASE put "Starknot Brooch Question: Don Wright" in the subject line
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NOTE:  To do the "mirrored"
verzion of this piece, simply
reverse the direction of the loops
in step one and reverse the
direction of all other
instructions.   It will feel quite
awkward at first but rapidly
becomes second nature.