A "Simple" round-braided Lanyard
from C. (Bud) Brewer (IGKT)
1946 - 2009
R. I. P.
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Now, for Bud, this IS a simple lanyard!  For the rest of us, it should provide a weekend's work in replicating it!  A very nice round-braid
leather lanyard which will also work in flat braided nylon or very large "gimp".  Leather will give you your best results, however.   (Also
see Bud's other work in the LIBRARY sections on
Personal fancywork, Tools and the Top-braid tutorial.

                                                                            Finished views of the lanyard
Using four strands of 1/8" standard leather lace  80" long.  Middle the strands and do a
four-strand round braid for 10" on each side, (or 20" total)  then make a 4-strand
diamond** (ABOK* #743, 1 tier.. IE: over 1,  under 1 and thru the center of crown) at each
end.   Make fairly tight diamonds but,
as these will be covered up later on, present
appearance is not critical.

( * ABOK = The Ashley Book Of Knots,  knot #743)
( * * See below this tutorial for a Diamond Knot tutorial)

{Bud warns that if Kangaroo leather lacing is used, be aware it stretches and extrudes to a
thinner lace by the time you are finished!

Continue the four-strand round braid an additional six inches on each side, then cinch both
legs together with a
constrictor knot, pulled tight and ends clipped off. It will be covered
Now take two strands from each leg and make a longer diamond* knot, 2 tiers ...

Take all eight strands and do an eight-strand round braid for about 5",  cinch with another
constrictor knot and then take the four
shortest strands and make a 1 tier diamond knot
loose enough that you'll be able to tuck the loop strands back under it after completing the
next step.)

Make a four-strand round braid with the
LONG strands to make your eyelet big enough to
accommodate whatever you want to suspend from it and then tuck the four strands back
under the diamond knot and out the other side.  Cinch with a constrictor JUST where they
exit the knot,  then
check your sizes all around,  check your symmetry and if all is as it
should be,
then tighten the diamond knot and trim off the short and long strands just where
they exit the diamond knot.      LEAVE THE CONSTRICTOR KNOT IN PLACE and trim the
ends which made the loop just beyond it!  This will all be covered, which will also help
secure the loop. )

(Cover the collector knot with a pineapple knot using a 7x6 turks head as a base knot.. 2
colors if desired.  [see
  HERE   for a tutorial on pineapple knots ]

(Both these linked tutorials are also by Bud Brewer, hosted on
Knotheads Worldwide
If you're HERE you SHOULD be THERE, too!  Register and join... it's free!)

Cover the first two diamond knots  and the Loop knot with  gaucho knots using a 5x4 turks
head as base knot. [see
HERE  for a tutorial on Gaucho Knots]

This lanyard also looks nice made with cord. Sizes from  .5 to 2mm work well.

Bud much prefers polyester blind cord for this type work..
                                                                               EXTENDED DIAMOND KNOT
                                                                                        By:  Bud Brewer

                   1                                                                                 2                                                                                  3

                  4                                                                                  5                                                                                   6