Mirrored front                                                     Back and Front                                                     Rear View

Approximately the size of a nickle, made of braided nylon (shown) or fine-laid ecru cotton line, these are meant for the sailor who
may need to wear formal dress from time-to-time,  Military officers or simply those with an affinity for French-cuffed shirts.
Many colours available:  please enquire.                                            
 $120.00/set  (studs are being developed)
Suitable for Men And Women!

Necklaces: 16" or 18" $35.00@          Dangles: $10.00@ ($8.00 w/ necklace)        Wristlets: $22.00@
First, a large necklace (20") and a wristlet with the earrings, then a collection of "dangles" for attachment to neckwear (or to
whatever you'd like) and lastly two 'choker'-style necklaces (16" with dangle and 14" plain).  The quarter is in the picture for size
comparison.  Most people prefer a 16" or 18" necklace.   You may specify any size from 14" to 20" when ordering.
More views of necklaces with 'dangles'... The second shows a detail of the braid and the dangle's attachment to the necklace.
The ends which actually secure the neck/wrist/anklet are five-strand diamond knots which are quite secure.   All of these are
formed of three pieces of line in one continuous method so that there is nothing to "come apart" when being washed.  ALL of
these items may be tossed in the washing-machine for cleaning, and an allowance has been made for shrinkage.  Cleaning
instructions will be included with the item. (Also dish-washer-safe.)  ( Although, why  you'd want to....)
For those who must wear an ID or Pass badge
at work, a Festival or other events,  these will
keep the badge (especially at an outdoor event)
from flipping around and your name/access
visible at all times, due to the two-point
suspension.  They are also washable as per
the above and are extremely interesting
conversation-starters. ( People constantly stop
me as I walk through an event and ask where I
got the strap...
don'ch'a know, I tell 'em, too!)

Available in the six-lead braid shewn above  in
the necklaces/bracelets section, as well as
(LEFT) an eight-lead square (or 'steam-gasket')
braid or (RIGHT) in a twelve-line macrame
strap.  Length is supplied per your request, as
some like the badge to rest just above the
sternum and others like it considerably lower
on the body.
Email for pricing.
NOTE: Strap as shewn has one additional
white and two additional black diamond
knots.  Standard is supplied with one
diamond per side.


The Old Music Project pages
The Chesapeake Waterman's Lifesaver bracelets are proving quite popular!   

Developed originally (according to some sources) they were worn by Chesapeake Watermen as an aid to keeping a mate from
going over the side... If you grasped his wrist and your grip began to slip, you then grabbed the wristlet and either he was
coming back aboard or you were going over with him...

Another story is that the men who worked the topmost sails wore these as a mark of skill...  Called a "Topman's Bracelet", it
was normally made with a manrope knot (turkshead) end, but often the more experienced would make it with a star-knot end.  
When made with the star-knot, it is also a "lucky" bracelet, and worn with the knot facing out, it supposedly watches "out" for
your luck, while worn facing inward, it watches out for your "heart".                                                   

Available in standard "small""medium" and "large" sizes, as well as custom made to your wrist size... just let me know the
measurement around your wrist just above the joint and tell me which end you'd like and one will be on the way to you
I get $18.00 and $3.00 for shipping to the Continental US.  (Canada, UK and Europe shipping is $9.45)  

After a  request from a local VFW post, I made up some as "Patriotic" (red-white-blue) and these became quite popular, so I
now make them in any colour I can obtain... if you have a particular desire, EMAIL me for a quote.   I make them standard in
PINK, PATRIOTIC, RED, ECRU, BLACK and a "MILITARY GREEN".   COTTON wristlets are made with an extra 1/2" to allow for
shrinkage; coloured (polyester) bracelets do not shrink appreciably.
Aug 19 2014
These earrings are a ten-point "coreless" starknot in your choice of pink, white, chocolate brown, maroon, dark blue or lite
blue, or.....  Again, all come with gold-plated  on Stainless Steel "shepherd's crook" findings  but you can replace (or have
replaced) the findings with your own favoured style.  If you wish a pair made up to your own findings, please

$30.00/ set
body colour
findings: shepherd's crook

Handmade of fine-cast cotton line in a natural "rope" (ecru) colour, these
are varnished to impart solidity and mounted on gold-plated "shepherd's
crook" findings .  The turksheads are done in reverse of each other and
can be had in a variety of sizes... in fact, I never know what exact  size I'll
be making next.  I could line up fifty pair of these and all would be slightly
different... that's the beauty of handcrafting.

$20.00 per pair
Monkey's Fist earrings.   The monkey's fist is a weave
used to end off a "heaving line"... these are done in
1.4mm nylon or natural cotton line and I have an
example of pink in 1.8mm nylon and cotton in 2.1 mm
line.  The 1.4 is my favourite as it allows a
four-passed fist and produces a neat, small ball for
use as an earring.  Again, the sets are mirrored knots
to increase their attractiveness.

Available in dark pink, lite pink (lg & small) lite blue,
dark blue, brown, and maroon as well as the two
sizes of natual cotton shown.

Clicking on any pair EXCEPT the brown will bring up a
larger view for you.

$20.00 / pair with shepherd's crooks
NEW:  "Running Light" earrings in the
ten-point style.   (Red on the LEFT ear!)
Also available as a pair of either colour.
All content these pages ©2004-2010 Frayed Knot
Arts.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction or use
prohibited without prior written permission.

Please note that details and material may change
from time to time due to availabilities.
Teal / Blue
Royal Purple
Light Pink
Don't see your colour?   EMAIL me!
All MonkeyFist and Starknot earrings are available in any colour I can get
my mitts on...   Sometimes my suppliers go out of business or just "go out".

So is the case with the natural cotton codline earrings in small size...
unavailable until I find another person who can make that line for me.

Should you know of someone who can produce a small, consistent cotton line,
EMAIL ME for details!

NOTE: Now available in "Port and Starboard" color set as seen below in the
Star Knot earrings.
Now available in a flat weave as well as the six-strand
half-round and the eight strand square braid used on
the knife lanyards.  (
The eight-strand is on special order only
at additional cost.)

Dragonfly Barrettes for the ladies.    Made of coloured polyester and varnished over for stiffness, they are made on a standard
clip-on style barrette and may be hand in whatever colours I currently have available.

$14.75 @ PLUS $5.00 shipping in the Continental US ONLY!   These require special packing for posting.  Outside the "Lower 48",
add $ 9.75 for postage.   

Turkshead Mat earrings are running out of stock due to non-availability of
the cotton codline they are made from.  See note under Monkey's Fists.